Aimpoint presents a new series of professional sights

The new sights are called Aimpoint CompM3 and Aimpoint CompML3. The difference between these two models is that the Aimpoint CompM3 is compatible with all generations of Night Vision Goggles.

The new series of sights have several improvements in comparison with present sights. The new sights are even more rugged than the previous generation and with the new ACET technology follows the possibility to choose from two fixed sizes of the red dot – 4 Minutes of an Angle (MOA) or 2 MOA. 30 years of experience shows that the 4 MOA dot provides the best combination of accuracy and speed, whereas the smaller 2 MOA dot puts accuracy before speed.

The Aimpoint CompM3 and Aimpoint CompML3 come with a rubber cover that makes these sights extremely durable in severe environments. Both sights are submersible down to an impressing 135 feet (45 meters).

The Aimpoint CompM3 and Aimpoint CompML3 will be available retail in May 2005 and will not replace existing CompM2 and CompML2 models.